Saturday, April 3, 2010

We made a mistake!

The day begins with "protective" latex paint to prevent the fiberglass resin from dissolving the shaped styrofoam.

Filling the seams with drywall mud to get a good shape and to further protect the styrofoam from the resin.

Stirring up the potion. 100 to 1. Mix, mix, mix.

Cutting the fiberglass mats.

Making sure the fiberglass is done right. All hands on for laying up the fiberglass mat.

Or not. Ripple-o-rama. The latex paint DID NOT protect the styrofoam from the shrinking effect of the fiberglass resin. The end result is a flimsy wrinkly bowl. Looks like a lot of filling and sanding is in our future. The lesson learned is that the internets are not always right. Latex paint will NOT protect styrofoam from polyurethane resin. Spread the word.

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